Welcome to the Hydrometallurgy and Environment Group website as a part of Mining Department at Queen's University.

The research in the Hydrometallurgy and Environment Laboratory, directed by Prof. Ahmad Ghahreman, focuses on the hydrometallurgical processing of resource materials.

Researchers in our group are exploring the fundamentals of a broad variety of the hydrometallurgical processes and the goals are to develop effective processes for sustainable and environmentally responsible extraction of metals from minerals while decreasing the negative environmental impact of metal extraction processes.


Group News

  • A new postdoc, Dr. Rina Kim, just recently joined us (June 2016).  Welcome Rina!
  • We have 4 undergraduate students working with us during summer 2016. Ian Bergeron (Chemistry, Queen's), Chengqian (Charles) Wu from China, Vincent El Ghoubaira from Lebanon, and James McNeice (Queen's).  Welcome everyone!
  • Farzaneh Sadri and Caitlyn Mckinley will attend the 2016 Canadian Mineral Processors (CMP) conference in Ottawa, ON. While at the conference, they also will take a short course about the Rare Earth Elements (REE) extraction.
  • We were at World Gold Conference 2015 in beautiful Misty Hills, Johannesburg, South Africa. Ahmad Ghahremaninezhad presented a paper "a novel method for pre-treatment of gold-bearing oxide ores". 
  • Sept. 1st 2015: Caitlyn McKinley is now officially a Mster's student in the Hydrometallurgy and Environment Group.  And Farzaneh Sadri just joined the group as a PhD student. Welcome to both of you!
  • We will be at COM2015, Toronto;  Fazel Jahromi and Rebecca Radzinski each to present a paper, and Denver Cowan and Lin Li each to present a poster.  Caitlyn McKinley will receive Lucy Rosato Scholarship and Rebecca Radzinski will get the 2015 Metsoc Master's Scholarship.  (August 20th 2015).
  • Hydrometallurgy and Environment Group is happy to announce the launch of its website! (August 20th 2015).



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